Adding Delegates in eM Client (Windows and Mac)

Delegation is the process of giving someone access to your SmarterMail account so this person can read, send, and/or delete messages in your inbox, manage your tasks, manage your notes, or even manage your calendar. You give the delegate specific permissions for each of these areas: either full control or "read only" access. 

Generally, delegation is set up within an email client like Microsoft Outlook or eM Client. However, you can see who you've delegated access to from within webmail by going to Settings -> Sharing and clicking on the Delegation tab. 

Below are steps for setting up a delegate in eM Client, both Windows and Mac. The nice thing about eM Client is that the process is essentially the same, regardless of your OS. The only difference is how you get to your Account, as that differs slightly between Windows and Mac. (NOTE: you will need to have your SmarterMail account synced via MAPI/EWS in order to add delegates.)

  1. With eM Client open, click on Menu from the top nav area. (It's next to the eM Client icon in the top, left of the interface in Windows, in the navigation bar on MacOS.)
  2. Next, click Accounts from the dropdown that appears.
  3. The Accounts modal opens. Here, each account you have set up in eM Client will appear on the left. Select the account to which you want to add a delegate. 
  4. In the content area to the right, you should have three (3) tabs: General, Exchange Web Services, and Diagnostics. Click on the Exchange Web Services tab.
  5. Midway down the content pane is the Delegation area where you have two (2) options: "Accounts you can access:" and "Change who can access your account:". To begin adding delegates, click the Edit button to the right of "Change who can access your account:". 
  6. The "Delegated accounts" modal will open. If delegates have already been added, they'll be listed. Otherwise, the User area will be empty. To add a new delegate, click the Add button. 
  7. The "Select users or groups" modal opens. In the "enter the name of user or group:" text box, simply type all or part of a username or display name and click the Search button. Any users matching what was entered will be displayed.
  8.  Select the appropriate user and click the Ok button.
  9. Once you click the Ok button, the "Delegate permissions for..." modal appears. Here, you can set the permissions type for each area you want to delegate access to: Calendar, Tasks, Inbox, Contacts, and/or Notes. Permissions vary from Editor (full control) to None (not shared). You can also allow delegates to view (but not edit) items marked as "Private". (E.g., calendar items marked as "private" when they're created.)
  10. Once permissions are set, click the OK button.
  11. The Delegated accounts modal remains, and you can review the users to whom you've delegated access. Once finished, click the OK button in the "Delegated accounts" modal.
That's it! You've now successfully set up Delegation for your SmarterMail account in eM Client for Windows.