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Idea shared by Sabatino - 6/7/2021 at 3:08 AM
The more I try to use it, the more I realize that the message archiving system is a very lacking part in smarteremail

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In particular, the fact of not being able to integrate the archive of the single user as a read-only subfolder of his account I find it a lack.

Using the pluses and armed with patience something can be done, but currently there is a bug that allows the user to delete the contents of a read-only shared folder using imap.

The lack of autoclean settings on storage is also a big shortcoming

The current filing system does not take into account the fact that recipients might be in
cc or bcc

In particular, if it were in bcc it is not known who it was intended for and therefore impossible to reassign the message to the correct user in case of need.
Furthermore, it must be considered that the message could also be intended for multiple recipients.

Archiving should be by destination box (one copy for each box) and not by To, cc, or bcc content
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