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Idea shared by Sabatino - 4/30/2021 at 2:15 AM
First of all, I would like to thank Tony Scholz from Technical Support for his availability and promptness in responding.

I administer various email servers, many with icerwarp. I've been studying smarteremail for a month now and in many ways I find it much more configurable and useful than others.

However, I cannot fail to notice some things that could be improved and therefore I take the liberty of proposing them.

Let's talk about archiving messages that I already see discussed several times in this community.

The functionality currently present on smarteremail is useful for the system administrator but impractical to give an extra service to the customer.

Thanks to Tony I am trying this path, but I believe that a specific function would be more efficient

let's take a domain


we create 2 accounts



we create a service account


on this account we enable plus address in move on subfolder

On domainxxx.tld

let's create 4 events

type: new email reveived
conditions: to address user1@domainxxx.tld
actions: add recipient - archive+user1\ in@domainxxx.tld

type: new email sent
conditions: to address user1@domainxxx.tld
actions: add recipient - archive+user1\out@domainxxx.tld

type: new email reveived
conditions: to address user2@domainxxx.tld
actions: add recipient - archive+user2\in@domainxxx.tld

type: new email sent
conditions: to address user2@domainxxx.tld
actions: add recipient - archive+user2\out@domainxxx.tld


user1 \ in subfolders are created on archive@domainxxx.tld
user1 \ out
user2 \ in
user2 \ out

I tried and it works fine even if the recipients are in bcc and even if they are double


send a message to

to: xxx@otherxx.tld

ccn: user1@domainxxx.tld; user2@domainxxx.tld

the message is also created on archive@domainxxx.tld


In this way I can give (sell) to the owner of the domainxxx.tld domain a flexible email archiving system based on the time or space occupied and only the required email boxes

The administrator of the domainxxx.tld domain can have a well structured general archive by accessing archive@domainxxx.tld

The steps described could be simplified by smartermail with a special function that leaves the same configuration freedom. I believe it can be useful

But let's get to the problems

subfolders in archive@domainxxx.tld can be shared

For example
the subfolder
archive@domainxxx.tld \ user1

can be shared read-only with user1@domainxxx.tld (folder + subfolder)

Entering with webmail, user1@domainxxx.tld sees the archive in and out as read-only


Problem, if he has configured the account on an imap client he sees only the archive \ user1 folder but does not see the subfolders

Okay let's try another way.

we share archive@domainxxx.tld \ user1 \ in
archive@domainxxx.tld \ user1 \ out

Very well via imap I see the content

Error, via imap (obviously login as user1@domainxxx.tld of course) I can delete the contents of the folders even if they have been shared to me in read-only mode

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