HTML Calendar Descriptions - Clickable Links!
Idea shared by TJ - 4/17/2020 at 12:15 PM
In today's age of Zoom etc. why can't we add clickable links in calendar items? If you receive and accept a meeting invite, the meeting links should be clickable (IMHO) or the very least, render url's as clickable links...


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Emily Ward Replied
Employee Post
Hi TJ,

This has already been implemented in the latest BETA build and will be released to the public build soon.
Emily Ward
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Thank you!
I'm checking is now (Dec 2020 and I'm running build 7619) and this is still not working (perhaps you misunderstood my meaning?) or perhaps its a setting I need to enable?

In short, if someone sends a meeting invite with an embedded link to a SmarterMail user (think a link to Zoom or Teams meeting), the user should be able to open that calendar item and click the link to join the Zoom/Teams meeting immediately. i.e. links embedded in the calendar item description should be clickable...

Right now, you have to edit the description, select and copy the url and paste that into the browser manually (and some of those links are long and users get confused what part is the link). Am I missing something?

Thanks, TJ

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