SmarterMail Public BETA running list of Release Notes
Announcement made by Derek Curtis - 11/21/2019 at 4:58 PM
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These are the running release notes that will be listed for the final, public Build of SmarterMail. Any changes we make during the BETA that will add or change functionality for people using previous public versions of SmarterMail, or that fix issues customers running a current version of SmarterMail are having, will be included in this running list.

However, any fix we put in place that resolves an issue introduced during the BETA will NOT be listed. For example, if there is a fix for a bug with MAPI, we won't list it here. Instead, any fixes, additions or changes will be included in the thread for each BETA Build we release. With that said, here is the running list:

  • ADDED: Native MAPI introduced in SmarterMail for Microsoft Outlook 2016 & 2019.
  • ADDED: Ability to share multiple Calendars.
  • ADDED: Ability to share Email folders, subfolders and set permissions on each.
  • ADDED: Ability to create and share primary and secondary Notes.
  • ADDED: Ability to create and share primary and secondary Contacts/Address Books.
  • ADDED: Ability to create and share primary and secondary Tasks.
  • ADDED: Sharing option in a user’s settings that shows what they’ve shared and what’s been shared with them.
  • ADDED: Sharing options for EAS – Full Control.
  • ADDED: Sharing options for EWS – Full Control, Read Only, Availability.
  • ADDED: Sharing options for IMAP – Full Control for email folders.
  • ADDED: Sharing options for MAPI – Full Control, Read Only, Availability.
  • ADDED: MAPI Connections are available for System Administrators.
  • ADDED: MAPI/EWS lists are available for Domain Administrators.
  • ADDED: Accounts now show which protocols are enabled.
  • ADDED: Additional context menus available across webmail.
  • ADDED: New properties for contacts, tasks, notes, emails for all protocol.
  • ADDED: Introduced modern authentication with NTLM for EAS, EWS, IMAP, POP, MAPI.
  • ADDED: IMAP CONDSTORE commands for improved performance.
  • ADDED: Separate Out of Office messages can now be created for both internal and external contacts.
  • ADDED: Additional logging across all areas of product.
  • ADDED: Microsoft Outlook for Windows importing of PST files when using MAPI.
  • ADDED: Windows Defender exclusions include: .grp, .xml, .cfg, .log, lhdr, .eml, .json, .jsons, .db, .stat3, .bak, .cfe, .cfs, .del, .do, .fdt, .fdx, .fnm, .gen, .nvd, .nvm, .pos, .si, .tim, .tip, .dmp, .lck, .sem, .size, .sbin, .pids
  • ADDED: Optional attendees now available for meeting invitations in EWS.
  • CHANGED: Updated Google API integration which can affect mailbox migrations and Google Drive access when connected to accounts.  
  • CHANGED: Shares are now attached automatically in webmail.
  • CHANGED: Combined MAPI/EWS into one licensed add-on.
  • CHANGED: MAPI/EWS users are now managed by domain/mailbox, like EAS.
  • CHANGED: Removed EAS management at the system level/domain level and moved to the Accounts area.
  • CHANGED: Postmaster address now enforced as a valid Return-Path for message types that require it. (E.g., password resets.)
  • CHANGED: Locking of .GPR files has been eliminated.
  • CHANGED: Standardized how .HDR files and the frequency they are written to improve performance.
  • CHANGED: Multiple reminder/notification improvements.
  • CHANGED: Re-wrote EAS to make it more RFC compliant.
  • CHANGED: SmarterMail displays as just “SmarterMail”, without a version, during POP connections
  • CHANGED: EWS uses Sync State for improved syncing.
  • CHANGED: Logging for aliases also includes individual recipients.
  • CHANGED: ClamAV updated to latest release.
  • EFFICIENCY: Overall CPU utilization for webmail reduced up to 80%.
  • EFFICIENCY: Deletions in webmail are up to 10 times faster.
  • EFFICIENCY: Local deliveries are up to 10 times faster.
  • EFFICIENCY: Calendaring is up to 10 times faster.
  • EFFICIENCY: Moving messages, especially in large numbers, up to 10 times faster than previous releases
  • EFFICIENCY: .GRP files are no longer scanned for certain flags – message attributes (e.g., “has attachment”) are stored in a .PID config file, greatly speeding up the webmail interface and clients connected across all protocols.
  • EFFICIENCY: Significantly fewer progress bars and spinners are displayed.
  • EFFICIENCY: Massive autodiscover changes to make it more RFC compliant.
  • EFFICIENCY: Greatly improved memory utilization and CPU performance, and eliminated almost all thread locking.
  • EFFICIENCY: Large number of user experience improvements for webmail.
  • EFFICIENCY: Hundreds of other changes/optimizations to improve overall performance and reliability.
  • EFFICIENCY: Caching layers implemented for mailboxes.
  • EFFICIENCY: Sync Files for EWS have been eliminated saving significant disk I/o even when not using EWS.
  • FIXED: Issue where bounces for non-existent mailing lists subscribers weren’t being recorded.
  • FIXED: Possibility of mailing list folders not being created for up to 10 minutes after a list was created.
  • FIXED: Time zone improvements across all protocols.
  • FIXED: Viruses Caught Report is showing twice the actual number of viruses caught.
  • FIXED: Enable Automatic Forwarding setting in legacy API for svcUserAdmin not working.
  • FIXED: Double-clicking on email with Honk Kong time zone shows server time.
  • FIXED: Importing GAL contacts into Outlook is not working.
  • FIXED: Spool dashboard "Top Outbound Senders" is not refreshing, intermittently.
  • FIXED: Mailbox migrations in a different language imports into new folders.
  • FIXED: System-level notifications are showing raw HTML (untranslated) text.
  • FIXED: Cannot edit primary system admin. (Save button not available.)
  • FIXED: Doing an advanced search for System Administrator is returning emails in the list that are unrelated to system administrator.
  • FIXED: Cannot export domain users to CSV.
  • FIXED: Sending email to catch-all address resulted in a bounce message even though logs say no bounce will be sent.
  • FIXED: Scenario where when using the API and adding/updating a user, the profile picture wasn’t being displayed properly.
  • FIXED: Extensive changes to how HTML is relayed from SmarterMail to various clients across all areas: Notes, Tasks, etc.
  • FIXED: Emojis in calendar invites caused issues across clients.
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