New SmarterMail Release Available -- Build 7090
Announcement made by Derek Curtis - May 31 at 12:26 PM
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Build 7090 (May 31, 2019)

  • Added: The REST API documentation is now exposed. (However, most methods and variables still lack descriptions.)
  • Changed: The delay when modifying date and time information in Date Time fields has been increased to avoid validation issues.
  • Changed: When downloading a chat history, a toast is shown to the user that the messages are being retrieved in the background.
  • Fixed: A user is unable to be both a mailing list subscriber and a digest subscriber.
  • Fixed: Adding a user to a domain shared calendar does not send them a notification.
  • Fixed: Creating a task for a full control item does not associate the task with the email.
  • Fixed: Downloading chat history between users is not including the complete chat history. (Sometimes only a 0 byte file is downloaded.)
  • Fixed: Enter key does not submit and changes for the Virus Quarantine > Move Messages modal.
  • Fixed: If a message does not contain a FROM header field, "undefined" is shown in the message list. Now the header field falls back to using Return-Path header field, if present.
  • Fixed: Impersonate button in dark theme blends into the grid background.
  • Fixed: In Calendar section, the My Tasks source modal erroneously shows CalDAV with no URL.
  • Fixed: Message archive search does not sort the results as expected and there is no indication of which column it is sorting.
  • Fixed: Renaming a custom folder shows a "Moving" progress bar. This will now only show if there are more than 500 messages in the folder and any sub-folders.
  • Fixed: Right-click menu does not properly account for permissions on domain shared calendars.
  • Fixed: Scenario in which folder auto-clean settings are not taking effect when a user overrides the existing settings.
  • Fixed: Scenario in which some users see an endless spinner when attempting to retrieve disk usage reports on a mailbox.
  • Fixed: Scenario where stopping the MailService and then immediately restarting it could create a second MailService process thereby losing SignalR and WCF communications.
  • Fixed: Setting aliases and mailing lists to show in GAL does not update the contact page without a refresh.
  • Fixed: The bottom margin is smaller in report grids than other grid views.
  • Fixed: The Message Archiving Copy To Mailbox modal's help button points to wrong help doc page.
  • Fixed: The preview pane email header does not always show the display/friendly name of the sender.
  • Fixed: Weather data in calendars is not showing.
  • Fixed: When a conference room is shared to a Group, that room is not auto-mapped to a new user who is added to the Group.
  • Fixed: When a conference room is shared to a Group, the mapping is not automatically detached from a user when they're removed from the Group.
  • Fixed: When the calendar agenda view is empty, a white bar is shown.
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