New SmarterTrack Release Available - Build 7034
Announcement made by Derek Curtis - April 5 at 9:35 AM
Locked Employee Post
Build 7034 (Apr 05, 2019) 

  • Changed: Groups and Departments will now be purged from the database 90 days after deletion.
  • Fixed: Attempting to save a comment while creating a new user results in an Oops! error.
  • Fixed: Group delete confirmation not asking what to do with associated items.
  • Fixed: Mobile styling of the 'Employee post' Community tag.
  • Fixed: Repeatedly visiting the Licensing page can cause duplicate warning modals.
  • Fixed: Text editors on the Community are not properly focusing on click.
  • Fixed: The ticket number can become duplicated in the ticket subject.
  • Fixed: Ticket Comments are being sorted in reverse order.
  • Fixed: When a user edit is saved, the preview pane is not updated.
  • Fixed: When creating a call log, selecting a group that has custom fields doesn't resize the editor.

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