New SmarterMail Release Available - Build 6985
Announcement made by Andrea Rogers - February 17 at 10:37 PM
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NOTE: In this build, we have modified the default configuration of many antispam settings in order to improve SmarterMail's out-of-the-box antispam protection. These changes will only be seen with new installations or existing installations that use the Reset Antispam Settings option. For a list of these changes, which will allow you to update your existing installations (as desired), please refer to the article, Changes to the Default SmarterMail Configuration

Build 6985 (Feb 15, 2019) Release Notes:

  • Added: A warning banner to RBL and URIBL bulk modify modal stating that all settings will be applied except weight, if it's left blank.
  • Added: New RBLs for Backscatter, MailSpike, McAfee, and SpamEatingMonkey. These RBLs will be included in new installations and can be added to existing installations by using the Reset Antispam Settings option.
  • Added: The ability to add greylist filters has been added back in System Admin login > Settings > Antispam page. On the Options and Greylist Filter tabs, admins can now specify whether to apply greylisting to all IPs, all IPs except the ones added as filters, or only the IPs added as filters.
  • Changed: Email headers now show the spam weights that are associated for the scored spam checks. (e.g.: X-SmarterMail-Spam: Reverse DNS Lookup [ReverseFailed]: 10, Message Sniffer [code:0]: 0, SPF [Fail]: 10, DKIM [None]: 5)
  • Changed: For new installations and existing installations that use the Reset Antispam Settings option, the URIBL spam check has been split into 3 separate spam checks: "URIBL Black", "URIBL Grey" and "URIBL Red".
  • Changed: In IDS Blocks, the "IP Address" column header has been renamed to "Source".
  • Changed: Modified the default antispam configuration for new installations and existing installations that use the Reset Antispam Settings option. Spam Filtering settings, SMTP Blocking and many spam checks, RBLs and URIBLs have been adjusted.
  • Changed: On the Domain Defaults template, the default selection (for new installations) for the Outgoing Messages, Outgoing Bandwidth, and Bounces Received throttling actions have changed from None to Delay.
  • Changed: On the Domain Defaults template, the default value (for new installations) for the Bounces Received per Hour throttling setting has been changed from 1000 to 500.
  • Changed: The default value (for new installations) for the Bounces Before Removal domain setting has been changed from 3 to 2.
  • Efficiency: Calculating next alarm times for recurring appointments could get into a loop of performing the calculations for each request.
  • Fixed: Cannot use the RBL's bulk modify option to change the Incoming SMTP Blocking setting.
  • Fixed: Changing a spam setting does not take effect until service restart.
  • Fixed: Issue with IMAP IDLE events not firing when an item was deleted.
  • Fixed: Previously greylisted messages are re-greylisted even after the greylist delay was passed.
  • Fixed: Removed the ability to enable Incoming SMTP Blocking for URIBLs, as these checks cannot utilize the feature.
  • Fixed: Scenario in which creating an email with an empty body may throw an exception.
  • Fixed: Scenario in which User Activity > Drop Connections may not work.
  • Fixed: Several default setting value discrepancies between fresh installations and Reset Antispam Settings.
  • Fixed: Shared contacts do not work with Everyone, Admin, or user defined groups.
  • Fixed: SMTP Blocking > Incoming Weight Threshold does not work.
  • Fixed: The times displayed in the Email section reflect the browser time, not the timezone specified in the user's account settings.
  • Fixed: When using the wildcard (*) lookup value in RBLs/URIBLs, a response of Host Not Found may mark messages as false positive spam.
  • Removed: In domain Spam Filtering, domain admins can no longer modify (or see) individual weights for any spam checks. If a domain admin has previously modified the spam check weights for their domain, performing an upgrade to this version will revert that domain to using the system-level spam check weights. You may wish to inform domain admins of this change and advise them them to monitor their email and adjust their domain's spam filter actions accordingly.
  • Removed: In domain Spam Filtering, domain admins can see the system-level weights for Low, Medium and High Probability and can adjust the actions but can no longer adjust the filter weights. If a domain admin has previously overridden the filter weights, note that these weights will not be reverted to the system-level configuration after upgrading. To force a domain's spam filtering weights to reflect the system-level config, toggle the Domain Settings > Spam Filtering > 'Override' setting off and on.
  • Security: Various fixes as reported by Soroush Dalili with NCC Group.
  • Translations: Added "SPAM_FILTERING_FILTERS_SPF_PERM_ERROR" translation key.
  • Translations: Renamed "NOT_RUNNING" key to "NOT_RUNNING_OR_INSTALLED".

Andrea Rogers
Customer Operations Manager
SmarterTools Inc.