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Idea shared by Hasham Wahaib - 2/8/2019 at 3:22 AM
Hello smarter mail Team, 
I wanted to share this idea because I think every smarter mail Domain Owner, User, or Business owner might be facing this or want this. 

In smarter Mail We have Two Types (categories) of Contacts in Address Book (Both Webmail & EWS, Active Sync) it is Global Contacts, and Personal Contacts.

Global Contact:
 I guess are those which are Mail Users on that Domain, and so their Contacts details are available to all mail server users, clients on that respective domain.
Personal Contacts: That how it is working currently is that, I for example being a mail user (Client) I save any contacts in my address book they are available to me my self only. 

I Wanted To Request Smartermail Development Team the following if there is possibility:
To Introduce Some thing like "Public Contacts" 
The need and idea behind this is, for example I work in the Company and we have several Departments or Users (Mail Users) and example I save your Email Address / Contact as Public using my Webmail but it could be available to all users on that specific Domain so that they can benefit from my saved contact and send mail to that contact when they require using their Address book. 
Because that contact / Mailing address will be save as Public so it will be visible or available to them to use, It will also Reduce Load or avoid Same contact saved by multiple users, yet they work in the same Company and need to utilize the same.

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We did this in Version 15 using shared contacts but its broken in version 17
Any Idea, 
If the Development Team approved this idea ?

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