Contact Groups in Webmail

A Contact Group (also known as a Distribution List) is basically a list of multiple contacts stored under a single name. (Similar to an Alias.) Once the group is created, it can be used in the To: field in an email client or when using the webmail client and the message is sent individually to each contact within the group. This saves a user from having to email the contacts separately, one-by-one. 

Ideally, Contact Groups can be used for all or specific members of a given department, contacts who work for a particular partner or outside entity, members of a group project or assignment, and more. 

When using protocols such as MAPI or EWS these groups offer 2-way syncing. That means that if the Contact Group is created in a desktop email client such as Outlook or eM Client, it will sync back to SmarterMail and show up as a contact. In addition, if the Contact Group is created within webmail, it will sync back to the desktop clients. (Microsoft has not implemented support for syncing Contact Groups over EAS, so they will not sync to mobile clients such as Outlook Mobile.)

Below are the steps for setting up a Contact Group in webmail. (NOTE: you will need to have your SmarterMail account synced via MAPI or EWS in order to sync Contact Groups to email clients such as Outlook for Windows or eM Client, and vice versa.)

  1. After logging in to the webmail client, navigate to the Contacts area.
  2. If multiple accounts have been added to eM Client, select the contacts folder for the account for which the Contact Group (Distribution List) is being created.
  3. Click the down arrow next to the New button. 
  4. Select Contact Group from the dropdown. A new window opens.
  5. In the Contact Group card, give the group a Display Name (this is what you will use in the TO: field when emailing the group), select the Source folder that contacts will be drawn from, and add in any Notes or even a description of the group. (You can change the Source as needed so that you can add contacts from multiple different contact folders.)
  6. Next, add in the group Members. Click the + New Member "button" and a modal window opens. Simply start typing a username or email address and SmarterMail will offer some suggestions. You can simply type out the full email address, or select a contact from the suggestions.
  7. Keep doing this, changing the Source as needed, until all contacts have been added.
  8. If needed, the group can include one or more Categories.
  9. Once all contacts have been added, click the Save button.
That's it! You've now successfully set up Contact Group (Distribution List) for your SmarterMail account in webmail.