New SmarterMail Release Available - Build 6948
Announcement made by Andrea Rogers - January 9 at 5:02 PM
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Build 6948 (Jan 9, 2019)

  • Added: A button to Team Workspace settings to delete all chat history.
  • Added: A warning note for users when enabling 2FA about needing to update clients with new app passwords.
  • Added: More detailed logging in Delivery Log for bounced messages.
  • Added: Re-added the ability to use an IP address as the domain name for forwarding addresses.
  • Changed: Google Roboto font is now embedded in the project and no longer requires external internet connection to request the font.
  • Changed: If adding a forwarding address via svcUserAdmin legacy API the Enable Automatic Forwarding setting will be set to enabled.
  • Changed: Manually running the Server Blacklist Check will clear out the results beforehand.
  • Changed: User Move Message action folder dropdown action changed from 'Move Message' to 'Folder'.
  • Efficiency: Adjusted next recurring appointment calculations to prevent adverse effects to CPU and RAM.
  • Efficiency: Parsing header values and message HTML is now faster.
  • Fixed: "Block Senders" action not moving email to Junk Email or Deleted Items folder.
  • Fixed: "Rebuild folder" system admin action does not work.
  • Fixed: 2-Step Authentication is not visible when impersonating a user.
  • Fixed: Added "enableautomaticforwarding" variable into svcDomainAdmin legacy API.
  • Fixed: All-day appointments synced via SharePoint may show a day early in time zones greater than UTC.
  • Fixed: Appointments with GUIDs containing dashes do not sync via SharePoint (Add to Outlook).
  • Fixed: Blacklist appears to have shrunk after upgrade.
  • Fixed: Certain default RBLs were using an incorrect return code. (E.g., SORBS and Surriel)
  • Fixed: Critical error within indexing code that causes the indexing service to shut down.
  • Fixed: Deleting messages from Spool Overiew, either using the Delete action on the overview page or deleting the message when it's popped out, does not work.
  • Fixed: Editing a user profile image before uploading it does not save properly when using Safari.
  • Fixed: Events created with EWS could have an incorrect timezone id.
  • Fixed: Folder Autoclean and Content Filtering modal folder dropdowns do not have the folder selected.
  • Fixed: If two inboxes are shared to a user only one can be mapped.
  • Fixed: Invalid emails can be added to trusted and blocked senders lists.
  • Fixed: Issue with repeated IMAP exceptions when operating on a disconnected session.
  • Fixed: Issue with user's expired password not being enforced sometimes.
  • Fixed: Mailing list messages are rejected saying the messages are above X limit even though the message is not.
  • Fixed: Only one forward address is being converted for users when upgrading from SmarterMail 16.x and lower to current builds.
  • Fixed: Reply all may include duplicate entries, user email, or own domain alias address.
  • Fixed: Saving a folder autoclean rule wiped all of the folder autoclean rules.
  • Fixed: Scenario in which admins are not able to display IP bindings or edit any of them.
  • Fixed: Scenario in which domain users may not be able to view mailing lists.
  • Fixed: Scenario where an unhandle exception occurs when sending mailing list messages.
  • Fixed: Scenario where custom spam rules or RBLs could have an empty Guid which prevents any but the first custom rule/RBL to be editable.
  • Fixed: Sharing a folder with a translatable name causes the name to be untranslated in the map folder modal.
  • Fixed: Some error messages still reference old XML files.
  • Fixed: Sorting domain names in domain list is not ignoring case.
  • Fixed: System admin IP restrictions are showing single IPs as an IP range.
  • Fixed: The domain propagation setting for the max mail list message size too, does not propagate.
  • Fixed: There is not a DEFAULT DOMAIN SETTING and DOMAIN PROPAGATION for the "General" 2-Step Authentication Status.
  • Fixed: Unable to create all mailing list folders. (I.e., Digest and Previously Sent Messages)
  • Fixed: Users removed from mailing lists with no warning.
  • Fixed: Webmail IDS brute force was being checked against all protocols.

Andrea Rogers
Customer Operations Manager
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