I cannot email using mobile
Problem reported by Lola Bernabe - 11/27/2018 at 12:05 PM
This has always been a problem, but since I am now using mobile more, it's worse. When I try to "reply" I can't type a message! There is a tedious workaround each time where I go to settings and change correspondence to "text" but I can't do this all the time. 

Image attached.

Does anyone know what I can do? I have SmarterMail Enterprise 8.4.

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Paul Blank Replied
Lola, it looks as if you're trying to use webmail from your phone - this is usually going to be dicey, with any version of SM. Indeed, I've had users for whom it worked, and then didn't work after certain SmarterMail upgrades. Changes in the phone's browser or OS version can also cause issues. 

You should install an email client on your phone, or use the one that's already on the phone.You apparently have an iPhone - the built-in email program should work OK. I like Nine email from 9folders.com. Works with IMAP or EAS, on IOS and Android. Costs a few bucks, but is worth it!
Gabriele Maoret Replied
SmarterMail Enterprise 8.4....

it's tooooooo OLD...
Paul Blank Replied
Yeh, but SM webmail on phones is still dicey. An email client should work. 

Lola Bernabe Replied
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I contacted my hosting company who handles the email and unfortunately they have neglected to upgrade my email for a very long time. They just upgraded and I now see SmarterMail has a mobile interface I can use.

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