New SmarterMail BETA Release Available - Build 6893
Announcement made by Andrea Rogers - November 15, 2018 at 5:18 PM
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We’re very pleased to announce the next version of SmarterMail! 

In this thread, we will only post release notes and changes as new releases are made public. Bugs, suggestions and other feedback should be discussed in the other threads within the SmarterMail category. Instructions on downloading the most current version can be found below.

Step 1 - What to know
Releases of SmarterMail posted in this thread may contain bugs or issues, and some configuration details may still change from release to release. As a result, you should be wary when installing these builds on product servers. There are EXTENSIVE backend processing and configuration file changes that will absolutely and unequivocally prevent you from rolling back to SmarterMail 16.x or earlier. We strongly recommend backing up any databases and file structures before you install the release linked below or any future updates. 
Step 2 - Download the product
The product install files can be downloaded from the link below. Be sure to check back for updates to see when a new build has been released. To upgrade to a new build, follow the steps to perform a minor upgrade, and use the installer link below for accessing each new build. 
Full Installer:

IMPORTANT NOTE: In SmarterMail 17.x, we've updated the indexing format. On your initial upgrade to 17.x (from any earlier major release), ALL user accounts will be re-indexed in order to utilize this new format. As the re-indexing occurs, you will see a temporary spike in CPU. However, please note that a user's experience and the overall server performance should not be negatively impacted, as the indexing thread is prioritized lower than all other threads. In addition, users will still be able to search while this one-time bulk re-index occurs. This is because a user's account will use the old indexing format for searches if the re-indexing has not yet been performed for their account. As soon as their account has finished re-indexing, it will simply switch to the updated format.

Step 3 - Post your feedback
In the SmarterMail category, you'll have the ability to create new threads to Propose an Idea, Report a Problem, and Ask a Question. Please post ONE suggestion, problem or question per thread. This will ensure that each item can be discussed individually and will allow us to better track the implementation of feature requests and bug reports.
Thanks so much for helping to test SmarterMail! We look forward to your feedback!

Andrea Rogers
Customer Operations Manager
SmarterTools Inc.

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Release notes for SmarterMail BETA Build 6893:

ADDED: Added date/time when a temporary password will expire in Administrative logs.
ADDED: Added logging when a temporary password is generated for ActiveDirectory accounts in Administrative logs.
ADDED: Added login attempts across all protocols in Administrative logs.
CHANGED: Adjusted Team Workspace video feeds widths and how they stack to better utilize screen space.
FIXED: Deleting a folder in File Storage that is currently being viewed in the preview pane does not update the preview pane after delete.
FIXED: Messages from EAS/EWS senders have date/time stamp of when received, not sent.
FIXED: Cannot save RBL or URIBL if the disabled Required Lookup Values field is empty.
FIXED: Clicking on ActiveSync Mailboxes > By Domain shows "Domain does not exist" toast message.
FIXED: In Accounts > Users, "Import from LDAP" is still available and functioning even if the domain has "Active Directory Integration" disabled.
FIXED: System administrators changing their own passwords are not asked to verify their old password.
FIXED: When creating a signature and using the variable "Sending Email Address", an email sent from an alias only displays the username portion of the email address in the signature line.
FIXED: Users logged in with Remember Me are not disconnected from the web interface after their account password is changed by domain administrator or API.
FIXED: If you create an all-day event for the current day, it shows the warning modal that the event occurs in the past.
FIXED: A secondary administrator with "Manage secondary administrator" permission can add IP restrictions to the primary administrator's account.
FIXED: Changing a domain's path to a new drive seems to be successful in the interface though it is not actually being moved. (Changing a domain's path to a new drive in the interface is intentionally prevented).
FIXED: Autocomplete on email compose is slow.
FIXED: Files uploaded or deleted in Team Workspace do not appear in File Storage until interface is refreshed.
FIXED: An attendee's video feed is blank when expanded in Edge.
FIXED: Deleting emails within a client synced via EWS could cause the emails to go away, come back, then go away again.
FIXED: Team Workspace briefly shows raw text when loading.
FIXED: Shared calendars synced to clients via EAS may spawn multiple copies of the same event.
FIXED: Syncing contact images via EAS may result in an exception.
FIXED: Null exception when deleting calendar appointments from EWS MacOS calendar app.
FIXED: Modifying a recurring series could retain the original starting year.
FIXED: Adding an attendee to an event in webmail also modifies the start and end times.

Andrea Rogers
Customer Operations Manager
SmarterTools Inc.