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Announcement made by Andrea Rogers - March 21 at 5:04 PM
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We’re very pleased to announce the BETA of SmarterMail 17.x! Along with a number of exciting new features that will be part of 17.x, this BETA will be different than those in the past

In an effort to highlight features and to give participants time to test and provide feedback on what they see, we’ll be releasing features in multiple phases. Each Phase will feature specific features and improvement that BETA participants can use, test and provide feedback on.

In this thread, we will only post release notes and changes to the BETA throughout the various Phases. Bugs, suggestions and other feedback should be discussed in the other threads within the SmarterMail 17.x BETA category. Use the Subscribe button above to receive email notifications when changes have been made or new builds are made available. Instructions on downloading and licensing the BETA software can be found below.

Step 1 - What to know

SmarterMail 17.x is currently in BETA. As a BETA product, some parts may contain bugs or issues, and some configuration details may still change throughout the BETA. As a result, you should not install the product on any production or mission critical systems. If you choose to install a BETA build on a production system, it is completely at your own risk. There are EXTENSIVE back end processing and configuration file changes that will absolutely and unequivocally prevent you from rolling back to 16.x. We strongly recommend backing up any databases and file structures before you install the initial BETA software or any updates. For general information on the BETA program, read our knowledge base article, SmarterTools BETA Releases.

Step 2 - Obtain your license key

To get a BETA license key, visit the blog post, SmarterMail 17.x BETA - Phase OneLog in with your current SmarterTools account, or register a new user, and save your license key for after you install/update the software. (Your BETA key will also be emailed to you.) Current BETA licenses will expire at 11:59 PM on May 7, 2018.

Step 3 - Download the product

The product install files can be downloaded from the link below. Be sure to check back for updates to see when a new BETA build has been released. To upgrade to a new BETA build, follow the steps to perform a minor upgrade, and use the installer link below for accessing each new build. 
Full Installer:
Step 4 - Post your feedback
In the SmarterMail 17.x BETA category, you'll have the ability to create new threads to Propose an Idea, Report a Problem, and Ask a Question. Please post ONE suggestion, problem or question per thread. This will ensure that each item can be discussed individually and will allow us to better track the implementation of feature requests and bug reports.
Thanks so much for participating in BETA testing SmarterMail 17.x! We look forward to your feedback!

Andrea Rogers
Communications Specialist
SmarterTools Inc.
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Robert Emmett Replied
Employee Post
A new BETA build is now available! Version 17.0.6670 has been released. Review the release notes below and use the installer link from the main post to update to this new version.
  • Added: Add folder support for RSS Feeds.
  • Added: Administrative logs have been significantly enhanced with Normal and Detailed messages.
  • Added: A word or phrase can be specified in content filters by enclosing the word or phrase in quotations. 
  • Added: Acceptable Use Policy can be enabled at the domain level and optionally required on user first login.
  • Added: Ability to enable/disable users' ability to automatically forward messages per domain and per user.
  • Added: Right-to-Left language support for video chat and workspaces.
  • Added: The administrative logs now shows whenever a system or domain admin uses the "Show Password" feature.
  • Changed: 2-Step Authentication recovery sends a new code instead of existing one.
  • Changed: 2-Step Authentication setup now has Back buttons for easier configuration.
  • Changed: Password fields now have an icon when pressed will reveal the password.
  • Changed: Add a domain filter dropdown for auto-complete in the impersonation modal.
  • Changed: Make mapped mail folders appear in alphabetic order.
  • Changed: SmarterMail now uses a different, more reliable third-party tool for DNS lookups.
  • Changed: Content filter actions will perform non-rewrite actions before rewrite actions.
  • Fixed: Team Workspace Mic dropdown setting shows blank entries.
  • Fixed: In Firefox, the Account Profile Birthday field shows "Birthday" text beneath the "mm/dd/yyyy" text.
  • Fixed: Saving changes to the theme settings in the System Admin > Administator section logs the admin out.
  • Fixed: Changing message view without closing view popout breaks popout window.
  • Fixed: Safari on Mac sometimes fails to get access to camera or mic despite them being allowed in Team Workspaces.
  • Fixed: Adding an appointment synced via CalDAV in Mac Calendar app does not update the web interface.
  • Fixed: Save button does not activate on the Antivirus page.
  • Fixed: Unable to sync an appointment or meeting created via EWS to the user's primary calendar.
  • Fixed: Logging into Workspace is expanding the login box right before the screen switches
  • Fixed: Button text may not render on pages with scrollbars in Chrome due to DPI scaling.
  • Fixed: Intermittent issue with importing users from CSV.
  • Fixed: The loading spinner in Team Workspace on iPhone X is not centered.
  • Fixed: Disabling the camera in Team Workspace shows the avatar over the video box on iPhone X.
  • Fixed: Editing a text field in Team Workspace on iOS devices causes the page to zoom in.
  • Fixed: Pressing the Join Video Chat multiple times shows several instances of the "You are already in the video chat" toast message.
  • Fixed: Display names are unnecessarily shortened in the Team Workspace Attendees tab.
  • Fixed: Save button does not activate when creating a new user with Active Directory authentication.
  • Fixed: Cannot download a message from Message Archive or Copy to Mailbox.
  • Fixed: Properly save ShowAsCompany contact property in SmarterMail.
Robert Emmett
Software Developer
SmarterTools Inc.
(877) 357-6278
Andrea Rogers Replied
Employee Post
A new BETA build is now available! Version 17.0.6684 has been released. Review the release notes below and use the installer link from the main post to update to this new version.
  • ADDED: Advanced Search now includes contacts, notes, tasks and calendar.
  • ADDED: Automatically generate a message back to the sender if their email is quarantined for any reason.
  • ADDED: Email Forwarding and Disable Greylisting settings are now available at the system level user propagation.
  • ADDED: Grid View to Notes section. 
  • ADDED: Add an All Files section to File Storage.
  • ADDED: When Acceptable Use Policy is enabled, an "Accepted Policy" column will be shown in the Accounts grid to indicate whether the user has accepted the policy. 
  • ADDED: IDS Blocks are better tracked in system admin logs.
  • ADDED: The 2-Step Authentication email text has been added to System Messages.
  • ADDED: Plus Addressing is now an option in the User Defaults template for System and Domain Admins.
  • ADDED: A new setting for "SMTP User Verification" is available for incoming gateways. This setting will verify senders by starting a mock SMTP session and issuing a rcpt to that user. In the event this fails, the message gets discarded. 
  • TRANSLATIONS: Updated German and Turkish translation files.
  • CHANGED: Advanced Search functionality has been re-styled and now opens in a popout window. 
  • CHANGED: More information is included when exporting domains to CSV.
  • CHANGED: When sending outbound mail to a domain with multiple MX records, those MX records are cycled through instead of waiting on the first record.
  • CHANGED: When importing spam configurations, existing custom rules are no longer deleted before the import.
  • CHANGED: Popout chat window has been re-styled to match the Advanced Search styling. 
  • CHANGED: Acceptable Use Policy has been redesigned to not be so obstructive.
  • CHANGED: System Admin Impersonation modal now requires a domain dropdown selection and a username instead of a full email address.
  • CHANGED: RSS All Feeds is now a view and no longer treated as a folder itself.
  • CHANGED: Make clickable icons (copy-to-clipboard, edit HTML, etc.) use link color of switch toggle color so they are more recognizable as clickable entities.
  • CHANGED: Make IntelliSense search with async query instead of pre-loading data.
  • CHANGED: Chat sidebar interface has been redesigned to better match the Advance Search popout window.
  • CHANGED: If there are only two video chat attendees, the videos are vertically stacked to make better use of screen space.
  • CHANGED: Removed "Notification" from System Messages title text.
  • FIXED: Spool taking a long time for messages to transition from Spam Checks to Delivery to Delivered in certain scenarios.
  • FIXED: Mail adds an extra newline to the end of text attachments.
  • FIXED: When editing a calendar in dark theme, there is no visual indication whether the Details tab or Sharing tab is active.
  • FIXED: Duplicate calendar entries causes high server CPU usage.
  • FIXED: Disabling Team Workspace from the Domains feature set also disables File Storage.
  • FIXED: Scenario in which composing an email any user aliases are missing the "@domain".
  • FIXED: Testing a POP retrieval connection does not enable the Save button.
  • FIXED: Cannot delete calendar events when user timezone set in Account Settings is different than the browser.
  • FIXED: Cannot edit a calendar event despite having full control over it.
  • FIXED: Users are unable to log into webmail in Chrome on iPhone X, if using the auto-filled login credentials.
  • FIXED: Messages are not sorted by attachments when that filter is applied. 
  • FIXED: Scenario that caused the calendar week view to break on tablet iOS.
  • FIXED: The monogram for one user is showing up as 3 different colors within the main interface and Team Workspace.
  • FIXED: Plain text emails with embedded CID images links for formatted incorrectly in webmail.
  • FIXED: A delay and odd orientation change occurs when disabling Team Workspace camera.
  • FIXED: The Team Workspace attendee display name is in the wrong spot until the video is resized.
  • FIXED: Message archive message defaults to HTML view.
  • FIXED: Cannot delete calendar events.
  • FIXED: DNS TXT record lookups are failing.
  • FIXED: Dragging a File Storage file to a new folder causes an infinite spinner.
  • FIXED: Workspace sidebar section flickers very wide in Safari Mac.

Andrea Rogers
Communications Specialist
SmarterTools Inc.
(877) 357-6278

Derek Curtis Replied
Employee Post
A new BETA build is now available! Version 17.0.6691 has been released. Review the release notes below and use the installer link from the main post to update to this new version.
NOTE: Temporarily disabling Acceptance User Policy feature while its functionality is redesigned.
REMOVED: CRITICAL -- Removed Bayesian spam filtering.
ADDED: Added ability to view spool message RAW content and the associated HDR file.
ADDED: Added setting to notify the primary domain admin about AUP acceptance.
ADDED: The editable Bounces Before Removal setting for mailing lists has been added to the Mailing Lists card on a domain's General Settings.
ADDED: Grid View added to Contacts section.
ADDED: Implemnted RFC 3464 for Delivery Status Notifications (delivery receipts).
ADDED: Current number of bounces for each subscriber is included in mailing list CSV file.
ADDED: Added new Authentication type column to domain accounts list and Password Compliance report.
ADDED: Added an IDS Rule to block Login Brute Force by email.
CHANGED: Autocomplete made more consistant throughout interface.
CHANGED: Mailbox Migration wizard has been modified to more closely match other wizards.
CHANGED: Significant redesign of the Advanced Search window.
CHANGED: Changed the style of the Froala editor "Code" styling to make it stand out better.
CHANGED: The Chat With textbox is now hidden when you go offline.
CHANGED: Added an All Files view to File Storage and moved Workspace and Chat folders as root level folders.
FIXED: Auto-responder is not using the Reply-To header field, if specified.
FIXED: Calendar agenda view on mobile has double scroll bars.
FIXED: All subsequent SMTP Auth attempts try to use CRAM-MD5 after first CRAM login.
FIXED: Certain CardDAV clients may lose phone number after syncing.
FIXED: DKIM email signing uses non-FIPS compliant algorithms.
FIXED: Spam Checks grid is not adhering to the row limits but shows all rows.
FIXED: Indexable text fields that contain more than 32766 characters causes the indexing to fail and continually loop.
FIXED: Accounts with XMPP disabled that were previously enabled could cause CPU usage to max out.
FIXED: RBL lists do not refresh after editing any entries.
FIXED: Trying to attach the same file more than once prevents the message from being able to be sent.
FIXED: Chat Messages shows as an option for browser notifications even though the domain chat feature is disabled.
FIXED: Cannot send from a domain alias when synced via EAS using a domain alias.
FIXED: Sometimes tables only show the checkboxes column (mainly Advanced Search's table).
FIXED: Prevent table column headers from displaying before data is loaded to prevent column flickering.
FIXED: Video chat connection does not close if a particants changes their status to Offline.
FIXED: Video chat thumbnail box does not align to top of chat area.
FIXED: Chat messages do not align to top of chat area.
Derek Curtis
SmarterTools Inc.
(877) 357-6278
Andrea Rogers Replied
Employee Post
We are pleased to announce Phase Two of the SmarterMail 17.x BETA! Version 17.0.6795 has been released. Please see the Community thread, SmarterMail 17.x BETA - Phase Two for details, and use the installer link from the main post to update to this new version.

Andrea Rogers
Communications Specialist
SmarterTools Inc.
(877) 357-6278