v16 Screen Layout... TOO MUCH REAL ESTATE!
Idea shared by Rick Moses - 12/19/2017 at 8:30 AM
My ISP just 'upgraded' from v15 to v16. The default skin, aside looking a lot like Outlook, takes up too much screen real estate. I would love to have the option to go back to the multi-column format that was the default in v15. 
Aside from the multi-column format, the ability to reduce the amount of space between messages, as well as folder names would be invaluable. A person will scroll only so much to find something before moving on.

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I agree that it doesn't use the desktop screen as effectively as v15. According to ST, this is due to the responsive nature of the UI, so it's usable on mobile devices.
I posted some suggested improvements.  You can read about them and vote for them here:
Responsive tables is the answer!  Desktop view would be one line per e-mail.  Mobile would be 3 lines per e-mail.  So incredibly simple.
I've already tried passing this along to SmarterTools.
Ron, good suggestion for the 1 line vs. 3 lines!

Glad you're on the case as you seem to have some pull. I noticed your request for an updated menu had 2 votes and was done within 24 hours!!!

ShaunP and I had been working on that for 7 months. :)

Good to see ST responding to customer requests.
Kevin, I did get a SmarterTools t-shirt a few years back. I'll keep trying for you guys!
Awesome! Thank you.
Check out this simple change to the UI that would make Contacts easier to use:

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