Shared calendar not appearing properly in version 16
Question asked by Patrick Mattson - December 2, 2017 at 4:19 PM
I am having some issues creating a shared calendar.  I can create the calendar using the Shared Resources for the domain, logged in as my system admin.  I also created a shared calendar using my email which is a domain admin for my domain.  I see the name for example named it: companyg
When I try to map it I only see My Company on (the domain name).
If a shared calendar was made in version 14 I was able to attach it.  I also only see Calendar and Conference Room for shared resources.  Reading the help, it looks like you should see a bunch of things to be able to share.
Is anyone else seeing this, I want to run it by people before creating a ticket.  I just do not want it to be user error.

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