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Problem reported by Ron Raley - 5/31/2017 at 1:18 PM
Upgraded to SmarterMail 16 over the weekend.  A customer has reported that he can no longer send an e-mail to a "category" within his contacts.  When typing the category name in the TO field, it does not auto-populate.
It is something he states he was able to do in SmarterMail 15.
Should the category auto-populate in the TO field?
Any help is appreciated.  Thanks - Ron

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Employee Replied
Employee Post
This feature has been re-added and will be in our next release.
Frank Roberts Replied
When is this release coming out? I have had three contact me over this same issue
Andrea Free Replied
Employee Post
Hi Ronald,
That functionality was not available in 15.x, as far as I am aware and can find from my testing. Category names would not auto-populate in the To field. Rather, users could click on the "To" "Cc" or "Bcc" text to open a modal window where contacts from the Contacts list, GAL and categories could be added.
In 16.1.6411, we added back the shortcut to choose from a list of Contacts, GAL members and categories when composing an email message. This now behaves in the same way as it did in version 15.x.
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