Online Demo Version ? and other questions
Question asked by Curtis Kropar www.HawaiianHope.org - 8/15/2015 at 5:41 AM
1) Is there an online demo version of smartertrack ?
Yes, i know there is the free version to download and work with, but I am talking about just something to jump in and take a look real quick to get a general idea of things, then decide if i want to download and install the free to evaluate it more in depth.
2) When it says it can handle multiple brands. I'm not sure exactly what that means. Multiple companies ?
So if we set up smartertrack on our web server, and have multiple domains (companies), does each domain have the ability to run their own help desk isolated from other domains and ours ? So we could use it to track IT support tickets, the several homeless shelters we help manage could use it to track building maintenance issues ?  the food bank could use it to track and schedule donation pickups ?
3) Integration :
We have an existing web based data management system we designed that non profit organizations use to manage their day to day operations.  Is it possible to skin or integrate a ticket submission page into that data system ? In other words, somewhere on the top of the navigation of our system we put a link and that links to a customized css page of smartertrack that looks like our system, or somehow integrates our customer login accounts ?

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Antonio King Replied
1). I don't think there is an online demo. The only demo you can access would be one that would have to be downloaded to really get a feel for it. Especially if you want to test tickets, chats, and other areas, you would need to have it on your own servers.
2). Multiple brands, meaning you can have one instance for multiple companies. For example, at Fun.com (my company and the parent company), we have 3 different main brands: Fun.com, HalloweenCostumes.com, and Shirts.com. Because using one portal for all three wouldn't work, we have the flexibility to have a portal for each (and any others we decide to add in the future).
Note: my team here did a lot of custom CSS and Javascript since SmarterTrack isn't custom friendly, which is why ours looks completely different than the default look(s). 
Bruce Barnes Replied
Nice job on the custom work!
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Thanks Antonio !
So that answers a couple of questions. It appears that you have isolated items based on each company / brand. 
1) I see the phone numbers are different for Shirts.com and Halloween.  Is contact info part of the branding dataset or is that hard coded on the page ? 
2) I also see that the categories present different information based on brand, so its not just the same exact info on every brand.  Shopping & Rentals has 1 item each for Fun.com and Shirts, and they are different topics, then Halloween has 8 items under Shopping & Rentals.  So, the "out of stock Items" Notice between Halloween and Fun, Is that a shared item between the 2 brands or is each notice a unique entry in the database ?  Same with Coupon Codes ?  Are those unique or one entry shared between both ?

www.HawaiianHope.org - Providing technology services to non profit organizations, homeless shelters, clean and sober houses and prisoner reentry programs. in 2018, in just one year, we gave away 1,000 Free Computers !

Antonio King Replied
No worries! 
1). The contact info is nothing SmarterTrack provides. In fact, the only thing that we utilize that is SmarterTrack based is the FAQ frame, articles, and ticket submission page. Everything else is customly done by our companies programming and design teams. So for all brands that have different contact info, that's all wired in via Javascript I believe.
2). If you have multiple brands set up, you can distinguish which parent/article is for which portal. You can have any combination (assuming your article applies) which portals have which articles, or if they apply to all your brands, simply select "all", which allows that article to be viewable on each brand's portal. 

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