SmarterTools Licensing Information

Is my license eligible for new product updates?
SmarterTools licenses (with the exception of lease and trial licenses) come with 12 months of Maintenance and Support (M&S). While M&S is optional, renewing it yearly ensures that the license receives any and all software updates, plus it allows you to receive free technical support for any issues with the license. At the end of that initial 12 month period, you have the option to renew M&S for your license, and, if renewed, it will continue to be eligible for updates and free technical support. If M&S expires, the license will be valid for the latest version available at the expiration date, but any paid add-ons will expire. Therefore, while M&S is not required, we strongly recommended it is renewed yearly.

Regarding leased licenses, they are always eligible for updates as long as the lease is active. 

Will my SmarterTools license expire?
SmarterTools licenses that are purchased for SmarterMail, SmarterTrack, and SmarterStats are perpetual and do not expire. Leased licenses, however, expire when they're disabled and trial licenses expire after 30 days, or however long the trial is available.

Will licensing for my paid add-ons expire?
Licenses for any paid add-ons (e.g., Message Sniffer, EAS, etc.) do expire unless they are renewed at their yearly renewal date along with the renewal of Maintenance and Support for their associated SmarterTools license. We have licensing agreements in place with each of our vendors, and these agreements all stipulate that customers must be on the latest version of our products in order to use an associated paid add-on. See our article on Maintenance and Support for more information.

I have a SmarterMail license with paid add-ons. What happens to SmarterMail, and the paid add-ons, if I don't renew Maintenance and Support? 
Your SmarterMail license will continue to work just as it is, with the same version and domain limits allowed by the license. However, you will not be able to upgrade to any version released after M&S expires, nor will you be eligible for free technical support.

As for any paid add-ons associated to your SmarterMail license, they will no longer work as they require yearly renewal along with the renewal of Maintenance and Support for your SmarterMail license. 

How do I know which version I can install/upgrade to, based on my license? 
If your license has active Maintenance and Support, it may be activated on the most Current Build available, since protected licenses have access to ALL new releases. However, if your license's Maintenance and Support has expired, you'll need to review the license to determine the release available for download and installation/upgrade. 

To do this, visit the SmarterTools website and click on the account icon in the upper right. Once you're logged in, click on your avatar and select Licenses from the menu. Find the license in question and click on it. The modal that opens will show you the M&S status of that license, and if it expired, the date on which it expired. There is also a download button that can be used to download the version of the product that particular license is eligible to install. For example, if your SmarterTrack Enterprise - 5 Agent license shows that Maintenance and Support expired December 6, 2018, then the button will allow you to download SmarterTrack Build 6911 (released December 3, 2018) as that is the most recent build available prior to your expiration date. 

Older licenses that show a version number, on the other hand, can access the last update available for their version number. For example, if you have a SmarterMail Professional Edition 14.x - 250 Mailbox license, you can activate on build 14.7.6347, as that is the last update available for 14.x.

Are SmarterTools licenses backwards compatible? 
Yes, all SmarterTools licenses are backwards compatible. They can be activated on an installation running their supported version or any earlier builds.  

Can I install a SmarterTools software license on multiple servers?
If your license includes failover, then yes. However, most SmarterTools software licenses may only have one active installation. In order to have multiple active installations of non-failover software, you will need to purchase multiple licenses. The exception is if you are migrating servers. In these instances, the SmarterTools fraud prevention system will allow you to use your license key on multiple servers for a maximum of 30 days. After 30 days, any multiple installations on the same license key will be viewed as fraudulent and the fraud prevention system will attempt to notify the customer associated to the license via email. In addition, the fraud team will be notified of the issue and effort will be made to contact the customer via phone. If the customer fails to resolve the issue, the fraud prevention system will disable the key, as it will assume the license is compromised.

How do I upgrade the edition or level of my license?
Customers can upgrade the level or edition of a SmarterMail, SmarterTrack, or SmarterStats license at any time by paying the difference in cost between the license you currently have and the license you now need (within the same major version). This flexibility is a key concept in the entire SmarterTools philosophy.

How do I downgrade the edition or level of my license?
It depends on what you mean by "downgrade". As mentioned, SmarterMail licenses are backwards-compatible. That means if you need to downgrade from one Build to a previous Build, or roll back (rollback) to a previous build,  that is probably fine. If it's not possible, there will be a release note about it. However, only major changes to the back end of SmarterMail would prevent you from rolling back.

If you're talking about moving to a lesser number of mailboxes, agents, or websites -- depending on the product you're using -- you'll want to contact our Sales Team for information as that's a license change. They'll be able to help sort things out for you.

Should I get the Professional or Enterprise edition?
For assistance in deciding which edition of the product you should purchase, refer to the product's edition explanation page. Links to these pages can be found on the Pricing and/or Downloads tabs or each product at the SmarterTools website. For those who still need further assistance, please contact the sales department by emailing During business hours you can also start a live chat or call us at 1.877.357.6278.

What about bug fixes and patches?
SmarterTools encourages customers to upgrade to the latest version of the software to ensure access to the most recent features and fixes. Customers with current Maintenance and Support have access to any and all releases, which may include new features, additions, product updates and bug fixes.

Can I resell my SmarterTools license?
When you make a purchase from the SmarterTools website you are actually purchasing a non-transferable license to use the software, not the software itself. Per the SmarterTools End User License Agreement (EULA), that license cannot be transferred or leased without written consent from SmarterTools. Therefore, unless you have a written agreement from SmarterTools, you cannot resell your SmarterTools license. For more information, please refer to the EULA, which is available in the SmarterTools Online Help for your product.