Left Pane for Calendar & other UI Enhancements
Idea shared by kevind - 8/1/2015 at 10:51 AM
The Calendar menu needs a left pane to show all of the user's calendars. This would make it easier to select which calendars to show on the right.
Consistency is important in UI. Currently all the nav bar items (Email, Notes, RSS, File Storage, etc.) have a left pane for organization, but not Calendars.
Using a left pane to show multiple calendars is how Gmail and most clients (Thunderbird, eM Client, etc.) do it. And it would allow ST to move a lot of the functionality that is inconveniently found under Settings (e.g. Add/Delete calendar) directly to the Calendar section. You should be able to create a new calendar just like creating a new folder (Actions -> New Calendar) and not have to go into Settings.

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It seems like there's been a lot of emphasis on developing the Calendar functionality of SmarterMail, especially in 14.x. Now the UI just needs to be tuned up (see idea above).  Here's another tuneup item for the Calendar (looks like a bug or design flaw).
When you have an event and click on the Recurrence tab to change it to an annual event, it defaults to today's date instead of the actual event date. So if a user says, I'm going to make Independence Day (July 4th) an annual event,  when they click the tab to make it annual, it defaults to Sept. 8th (today's date).
Why there's even a place to enter a new, annual date is baffling.  It should just use the date of the event from the 1st tab.
Saw this web calendar from a competitor today and it reminded me to follow up on this post. Suggest adding a left pane that lists all your calendars and allows you to select/deselect each one individually.
Might as well add Tasks and Conference rooms so you can get rid of the 3 pop-up buttons across the top that are confusing to users. So the left pane would look something like this folder tree:
+ Calendars
     [x] My Calendar
     [x] Personal Stuff
+ Shared Calendars
     [  ] Bill's Calendar
     [  ] US Holidays
+ Tasks
     [  ] My Tasks
     [  ] Susan's Tasks
+ Conference Rooms
     [  ] Large #1

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