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Question asked by Hemen Shah - 7/20/2015 at 7:21 AM
I am using SM14.x entp version,
off lately my users are facing issue with syncronizing subscriber folders, it shows remaining time 25 seconds etc but at end it fails with standard outlook error message to contact administrator, even tried with increasing the timeout period in Outlook - Advanced options, i am facing this with Outlook 2010 - 2013 version
Also have checked that folders subscriber are outside at root level and not under inbox or any other prebuild folders.
checked with ISP but no issue as such.
Kindly advise.
Thanks in advance

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Hemen Shah Replied
Is any one facing such issue...
SpamHurts Replied
What does your imap log say? I assume your users are using imap as you reference syncing folders. What does you CPU usage look like on the server? IMAP can be a big drain of the resources on the server. Are you able to replicate? Are the users connecting from various IP's.? I googled something.. use on a test account first.
1. Right click on the "Inbox" folder which is the root of all your e-mail folders. 
2. Click on the "IMAP Folders" option
3. Click on the query button
4. Under the "Subscribed" tab, check to see if your entire folder hierarchy is subscribed - this was the case for me
5. Unsubscribe all folders except Inbox, Inbox.Sent and Inbox.Trash by selecting the other folders and clicking the "Unsubscribe" button
6. Send-Receive mail now and it should no longer hang
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Hemen Shah Replied
I tried as you suggested but still the same, it waits while completing syncronization of subscriber folders and then ends with error.

CPU usage looks normal and nothing worry some also about this i have not asked my customers yet as i myself am facing this issue, if you can tell me what to refer to IMAP log for this.....as such i dont see any error in log file.
Bruce Barnes Replied
Are you running 14.1.5675, released on 7/16/2015?
There were a number of sync errors corrected recently.
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SpamHurts Replied
Okay, One free test. Since your connection is IMAP. Download Thunderbird. (free email client) and connect to the same account via imap as well. Does Tbird have the same issue... if so, then you can rule out outlook  I might even make a test account on your domain, and use the smarter-mail import feature to populate it with the same folders and test that, You could have a very rare corruption of your GRP file in SM. That is rare and unlikely, but possible.
Run a constant ping to the mail server while syncing, do you have any time outs?
Trace-route: run a trace or as many as you can, to identify the location of time outs while you are performing the sync..
Disable your machines A/V software, does that clear it up?
And finally to the logs. When you connect via IMAP you will see something like this.
status ok
then the sync, and the number of messages,
then you will see the server serving the messages,
They are a bit overwhelming at first, and you should learn to read them. SM has great logs. I am grateful to them for that. They are detailed and fairly easy to understand. Email can be daunting, but you can get through this.
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Hemen Shah Replied
i have not updated to build released on 16th July, as SM team are running wireshark on my system, but will be doing it tonite for sure then see if my sync works or not.

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