Creating an appointment via caldav and invite an external member -> no invitation is send out via email
Problem reported by Mail Server - 10/6/2014 at 1:06 PM
- SM v12.4.5364
- Android 4.4.4 with 2-way caldav sync (Marten Gajda, http://dmfs.org/caldav/)
- Reproduce
  - Create an appointment with an additional (external) user
  - SmarterMail web fron end all went well, the user gets an invitation via email (ics)
  - Android
Create an appointment with an additional (external) user via caldav
      => Appontment is created in the smartermail backend.
      => The user ist an attendee in the appointment
      => BUT: There is no email (ics invitation) send to the exteral user
This works well with other backends (same setup and creation of an appointment) like Oracle Communications Unified Communications Suite.

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