IMAP and WebDAV for eM Client

eM Client has the ability to create a combined IMAP/WebDAV/XMPP connection with a SmarterMail account, as opposed to creating 4 separate connections for IMAP, CalDAV, CardDAV and XMPP. In fact, eM Client and SmarterMail work together more efficiently with this combined configuration as it allows the protocols to communicate more effectively. 

In order to use this connection, eM Client must first autodiscover the server settings. Therefore, if a user will be setting up eM Client using IMAP and WebDAV, here is the recommended way to connect. 

Administrator Setup
First, the domain administrator will need to temporarily disable MAPI & EWS for the user. To do this, they'll want to edit the user, then toggle MAPI & EWS off on the Service Access card. (This allows eM Client to autodiscover to WebDAV, rather than EWS.)
Next, the domain administrator will want to contact the system administrator to ensure that Autodiscover is enabled for WebDAV. 

Adding the User Account to eM Client
Once the above is completed, the user can add their SmarterMail account to eM Client. 
  1. In eM Client, navigate to Accounts > Add Account.
  2. In the Automatic Setup area, enter the email address and click Start.

  3. eM Client will autodiscover the server settings and prompt for the password.
  4. Then, they'll prompt for the display name and account name.

  5. They'll ask for encryption options.
  6. Then verify the services you want to use and the sync options. 
  7. Once you've made the selections (Mail, Chat, Calendar, Contacts, Notes), click Finish.
After clicking Finish, you'll have a single eM Client account with IMAP, SMTP, CalDAV/CardDAV, and XMPP connections, allowing you to send and receive email, sync contacts, create and receive calendar invites and live chat with other domain users.