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Idea shared by Lance Rasmussen - 9/20/2014 at 5:09 PM
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In my prior forums, I had text that was always shown that gives info, such as:
"Please be polite when posting or responding to questions. Also, please always include the exact version of the software installed, that you have a question on, to allow better answers. We do encourage always updating your software prior to posting your question, in case the issue you are experiencing on has be been resolved in an update."
I'd like to be able to show similar text for the SmartTrack community, adding addition text to explain the difference between Question, Problem and Suggest a Feature as many times our customers are not the most understanding of the difference.

The location I'd like is to place this in would be either above or below the Search/Create Thread box.  

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Derek Curtis Replied
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First, I'm going to modify the category for this to an Idea. I *think* there's a similar request in here from someone else, but we can see the value in having an announcements are at the top of the Community main page. For the time being, you can use the Announcement are on the Portal home page to accomplish what you need. 
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Sounds good, although the Announcements in the Portal won't accomplish the goal to have information such as:
"Please be sure to include the exact version of SmarterTrack that your question is about. This should be in the form of 10.02.03.".   Also, please be courteous to those with questions, as they may not be familiar with the software as you are.
If this is placed in the Announcements in the Portal Home, it simply will not be read, as people immediately go to the Community page and never read the Portal Announcement page.

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