Link to a Specific Reply on a Community Thread

Having a centralized location to interact with end users and customers is key to any business. With that in mind, each brand's portal includes a customer community area. The Community integrates functionality found in a traditional forum, along with added features, and allows users and agents alike to post comments and suggestions, ask questions or offer other feedback. 
At times, an agent or user may wish to link to a specific reply on a Community thread. For example, if you came across a thread that posted a question, you could send a coworker to the specific reply that contains the answer.
Follow these steps to get a permalink for a specific reply on a Community thread:
  1. Log into your agent or end user account at the brand's Portal. 
  2. Click on the Community button. 
  3. Navigate to an existing thread and find the reply you'd like to reference. 
  4. Right-click on the timestamp at the top of the reply and select "Copy link address" from the context menu. Or left-click on the timestamp and copy the URL displayed in the browser address bar.
  5. You can then use that copied URL and paste it into another Community reply, in an email, in chat or wherever you need to reference the link. In addition, when you send the URL and it's opened or pasted into the browser, the interface will scroll to the specific reply on the Community thread.
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