Mark a Community Post as Unread

Having a centralized location to interact with end users and customers is key to any business. With that in mind, each brand's portal includes a customer community area. The Community integrates functionality found in a traditional forum, along with added features, and allows users and agents alike to post comments and suggestions, ask questions or offer other feedback.

By default, when a user reads a Community post, it's marked as read. That is, its bold heading is removed. However, there may be times when a thread was read, but it requires further review or requires the user to respond at a later date. In these cases, the user may want that thread to maintain that bold heading, and it's unread status.
Follow these steps to mark a Community thread as unread:
  1. Log into your agent or end user account at the brand's Portal. 
  2. Click on the Community button. 
  3. Navigate to an existing thread. 
  4. Under the Actions header on the right-hand side of the thread, click on Mark Unread.
 Once you've marked a thread as unread, it returns the bold header so it can be followed up on later.
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