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Question asked by Lance Rasmussen - 9/20/2014 at 4:58 PM
Prior to 10.2, an employee could mark a reply to a post as the answer.  With 10.2, a person/employee can reply to the topic, marking the reply as the answer. However, the ability for an employee to mark someone else's previously response as the answer is no longer available.
How can an employee mark an existing reply as the answer?

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Lance Rasmussen Replied
Real world situation.
I respond to a post here with the answer to someone's question.  The person who started the thread does not mark the answer, so the thread remains unanswered, even though an answer, which is correct, is posted.  It looks bad that the thread is not answered.  
Only resolution is for a Smartertools employee to response back saying "Lance's solution is correct" and mark that statement as the answer.
Employee Replied
Employee Post Marked As Answer
I have not seen this bug, but I can see 'Mark as Answer' on your post, and we are on the latest version. I would recommend on upgrading to the newest version of SmarterTrack 10x

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