The author of a thread should be able to "Un-answer" their own threads, when someone marks it answered incorrectly.
Idea shared by Henry Timmes - 9/16/2014 at 9:59 AM
Sometimes I see ST Staff making stuff as "Answered", when they didn't completely answer the question,they answered the question wrongly, or they thought they answered the question without verifying with the original author. 
Having something Marked "Answered" incorrectly, can deter other users from being able to answer the thread correctly and address the original posters concerns. 
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This is actually possible right now.
Each reply on an Answer type thread will have either a 'Mark as Answer' link or a 'Marked as Answer' label in the top right corner. If you are the creator of the thread you may either select a different reply as the answer by clicking the 'Mark as Answer' link or you may click the 'Marked as Answer' label on the reply that was chosen in order to remove that status from it and change the Thread's status back to Unanswered.

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