Auto-Complete Customer E-Mail, Phone Number, and Name Entries
Idea shared by Ben Santiardo - 9/9/2014 at 12:45 PM
It would be a great assistance for our call center if E-Mail Address, Phone Number and Name Entries could be enhanced with an auto-complete feature. This would me a MAJOR feature for our call center that would go a LONG way in convincing my company to purchase this software. Is there any anticipation of this becoming a feature anytime soon? The promise of a soon-to-be release of such a feature would also go a long way to convincing my company in purchasing this software.
For example:
    1) Begin typing a customer E-Mail address, drop-down appears showing all addresses that match as you type.
    2) Once an entry is completed, the phone number and name fields auto populate based on the E-Mail selected/entered.
It would be beneficial to have this feature also work for each alternate scenario:
    1) Entering/Selecting phone number auto populates E-Mail & Name
    2) Entering/Selecting name auto populates E-Mail & Phone Number
Ben Santiardo

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I would like to see this very important and missing feature implemented too..
Yes, please implement auto complete across the application - emails, usernames, departments, groups -- basically anywhere that a list could be displayed by SmarterTrack, it should be. 
And of course lists should always be alphabetical.
These improvements are vital for any modern web application!
me too!!
Andrea Rogers Replied
Employee Post
Hello everyone,
We met this morning to discuss the requested features list for future versions of SmarterTrack. This request has been taken into consideration. 
We'd like to thank for your participation on this thread. We will be post more details about this upcoming feature as they become available.  
Thank you,

Andrea Rogers
SmarterTools Inc.


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