Please do a proper LDAP and new authentication implementation
Idea shared by Joakim Ribb - September 11, 2014 at 10:55 AM
As authentication is key in order to simplify ease of use and secure the login all the way, please add proper LDAP support (towards Active Directory and other LDAP sources). This is commodity technology so it should be easy to use.
Please also add other authentication mechanism towards other sources such as Microsoft Passport (or what they call it nowadays) in order to provide a better and safer solution.
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i must agree. We are preparing the move to new server to our new datacenter. The new servers have a membership with our domain and we are using ldap authentification on the new server. Enabling ldap authentification for other domains is not possible because these directories are not accessible without a prior authentification. Adding a mechanism to authentification agains foreign domains would be very helpfull. A trust between our own domain and customers domains is not very comfortable.
We have also customers like schools and some small and midranged companies. So it would be very usefull.
An additional and very important thing is the ability to gain access by single-sign-on. Is the user using his personal domain account and access smartermail no additional authentification should be required.
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Domains are added to the appropriate Active Directory server on a domain-by-domain basis.  This relationship is established by the SmarterMail server administrator.
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This is very important. As more companies merge and others try to use centralized authentication, we will continually run up against the question of "Why can't you..." LDAP is an industry standard and should be supported as an authentication option.
Active Directory as currently supported, which is a "modified" version of LDAP; not sure how much more would be required to really implement the standard LDAP?
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I was begging them to implement this back in November of 2014, and almost 2 years later, there has been NO advancements in this area at all.  It is the reason we have moved away from SmartMail for most of our clients.  This email platform is just too limited as a solution for hosting email for multiple clients at different locations.  While the LDAP solution is actually quite easy to implement, SM has instead chosen to focus more on making things 'pretty' instead of more functional.  We even offered to pay for this option to be added to SM, as well as to provide us the source code so that we can add it into the code for them at NO COST, which they would have benefited greatly from, but they are just not interested in growing their feature set.  Their main focus is on appearance and 'cool looking' stuff instead.  
They could VERY easily plug in open source code from places like OpenLDAP and YoLinux to accomplish this upgrade within a day or two, but after two years, it's obvious that they are not interested in growing.  Move on to a different platform, and quit wasting your money on their constant "upgrades".
I recall reading in this forum that ST has been paid by others to add custom features in the past. Curious that they were not interested in your offer.
I and others have also commented in the past about ST adding "cool looking" features to SM, while introducing new problems and not fixing some old ones.
Proper  one.
Bump this much needed feature.

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