Smarter Track Posting/Comment Design Suggestion
Idea shared by Henry Timmes - 8/26/2014 at 5:23 PM
Ok, Here's the issue.. 
If someone post a reply, then the thread is bumped to the top. If someone posts a comment, The thread doesn't move to the top. 
They should both bump the thread to the top. (Since it's new content)
Also if a thread has 18 replies, then someone posts 4 comments intermix on those 18 replies, the person reading the thread again, has to scan the entire thread to see what the new comments are. This is really confusing and illogical, reminds me of stack overflow. 
I would really like to see ALL NEW CONTENT and not have to play guesswork as to where in the thread the new content is.. 
Maybe if the new content was color'ed so it stands out, so I can quickly identified what was added would be helpful. 

Or better yet just do away with comments and only allow replies - It just makes the who process confusing.  In terms of Stack Overflow, it makes a little sense. Where people post multiple answers to a problem. Then people improve on those individual answers with comments. 
But that doesn't make sense for SmarterTrack.  SmarterTrack is designed to be a HelpDesk Incident Tracker - Not a Question and Answer form (Where people comment on each answer and improve them). With any incident tracker you want a chronological order of events that's easy to read and flows in the correct order. 
I really don't like the whole idea of a ticket tracking system and a forum and trying to merge the functionality together. It just makes for a bad user experience. Follow the KISS principle. Keep it Stupid Simple. Take it from a person that works at a company with over a 1000 employees and had to built it's own custom ticket system with the right workflow required for company operations.
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Agreed. New comments should bump the thread back up AND perhaps have a line at the bottom of the thread that acknowledges that there are new replies, and sure, have those replies in color, why not?
I would like to see comments removed altogether.  They add no value over a reply, and encourage frivolous comments.

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