Best Practice - Transferring tickets within groups and how to set up notifications
Question asked by Shannon Yates - 3/25/2015 at 7:50 AM
What is the best practice on setting up a transfer notification when a ticket is transferred from a primary group to a secondary group?
To further explain:
Within a single group we have multiple agents.
We could have 1 agent set up as the primary and then 2 other agents set up as secondary for escalation purposes
How would we create a ticket notification so that the primary group can escalate to the secondary group?
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Robert Rait Replied
Transferring a ticket is not working for me at this time.  
I've created a group and tired to add Employees to the group but when I click on Add nothing happens.
I guess since I can not add anyone to the group I can not show them in the dropdown to transfer tickets?
The group does show up in the drop down for transferring, but that's as far as we go.
Am I missing something?
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Antonio King Replied
When you click on "Add Agent" you should see a pop up where you can select what employee to add as well as other department settings for that specific employee. If you don't see that, sounds like something with your installation.
User Replied
Also, wherever 'nothing is happening' right after, in google chrome, right click on the screen and inspect element' to see if there are any javascript errors, 500 errors, or any other errors. Its possible the query is breaking due to something with the database. What version are you on? Is this a fresh install or did this occur after a upgrade?
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