Common Ticket Issues and Fixes

Occasionally, agents and managers may encounter issues where they're not seeing tickets, new tickets aren't being assigned or maybe even times where new tickets aren't being imported into SmarterTrack. Below are some simple troubleshooting steps for those times when these issues occur.

Not seeing tickets OR tickets aren't being assigned
1. Make sure your agent is active in their group -- In order for an agent to receive tickets or even see tickets, they need to be "Active" -- that is, they need to be logged in and ready to work. If they log out or forget to set themselves to Active after walking away, they'll stop receiving tickets. 

2. Make sure the agent having the issues is part of the group -- Just like being "Active", an agent has to be part of a group in order to start seeing and receiving tickets. So, make sure the agent is part of an group, and especially part of the group you want them to start working in.

3. Check agent distribution and adjust accordingly -- To recap, there are 2 distribution methods for tickets in SmarterTrack: Round Robin and Pull from Queue. With Round Robin, agents are put in either the primary or secondary distribution groups, and tickets are assigned automatically when they come in. With Pull from Queue, agents have to manually take tickets from the queue. So make sure an agent has Round Robin set if you want them to get tickets automatically. 

New tickets aren't coming it
Generally, managers and administrators see this when tickets are being pulled into SmarterTrack from an external email account. However, this issue may persist if tickets are submitted via the portal only. 

1. Make sure ticket permissions are set properly -- If you want tickets for a department to be sent in via the Portal, make sure the New Tickets in Portal setting for that Department are set properly. If you want anyone to be able to submit tickets from the Portal, use "All Users (login not required)". However, you can set it so that users have to be logged in to the Portal in order to submit tickets. Regardless of how you want them submitted, checking the New Tickets in Portal setting for your Departments is key.

2. Check POP settings for the Department -- SmarterTrack doesn't contain any email functionality: it relies on external accounts for receiving new tickets by email as well as sending out replies from Agents. To check your settings, log in as a system administrator and go to Settings > Configuration > Email and click on the POP tab. You should have a POP account added for any Department that allows email tickets. If not, you'll want to add one. If there IS a POP account set up, you can edit that account to make sure the password is correct. You can also test your POP settings. 

3, Check the POP logs -- SmarterTrack does log all communication into, and out of, the system. Your POP logs, therefore, can tell you if there are any errors when attempting to connect to the various POP accounts you have set up. (The SMTP logs act in the same way for outgoing messages.) Therefore, looking at the POP logs can give you insight into why tickets may not be imported into the system.

4. Send a test ticket -- Either via email or via the portal, or both. Try sending tests to various Departments and see if any of them arrive. If they arrive in all but one, you'll definitely know something is up with that POP connection. 

These are just a few troubleshooting steps for some of the most common issues around seeing, being assigned and actually retrieving tickets into SmarterMail. If you try these and are still having issues, be sure to contact our Technical Support team for assistance.