Global Address List Display Name and iOS Exchange Active Sync Accounts
Question asked by Brian Ebers - 2/16/2015 at 4:23 PM
After adding an Exchange account to an iPhone or iPad, contacts in the Global Address List do not have a Display Name.
For instance when adding recipients to a new message, contacts from the GAL will display but email address only with "No Name" where the contents of the Display Name field would typically be located.
Also in the Contacts app, when navigating to the Exchange Global Address List via "Groups" no display names appear.  However if I start typing in the search field I get a short list of contacts but again email addresses only, no display name.
Is there any way to get the Display Name from the GAL to display in iOS?  

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Vernon Weitzman Replied
The iPhone, Android and BlackBerry do not show the display name in the address book. They only show the last name and first name. Thats why your address book and contacts look goofy. You will need to update the GAL so that the first and last name fields are entered in addition to display name
Brian Ebers Replied
Thank you for the explanation. I'd been focusing on the Domain Settings Users area where only Display Name is accessible when editing or creating individual users. The only spot I see to update First and Last name is logged in as the individual user to access the Account Profile area in My Settings. Is there any way to get to the First and Last Name fields as an admin without having to log in as each individual user to access Account Profile? The First and Last Name fields don't appear when creating a new user either unless I am missing something.

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