Group filter in Webmail?
Idea shared by Alex Burtscher - 5/7/2024 at 9:12 AM
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There is many filters in Webmail, but what is missing is to group mails, the most missed funktion is to group the mails by Categories, or group maills by weeks, just like in Outlook?

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Jorel Haggard Replied
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Thanks for posting this question Alex!

 As far as filtering based on categories, you can do so by clicking the funnel icon:
As you can see here, I'm able to select from the different color categories to filter emails by. While we don't have the ability to pick a given week and only see emails from that week, you can sort by date (using the icon with 3 horizontal lines) and scroll to the week in question. Let me know if you have any more questions regarding sorting or filtering! 
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Hi Jorel,

yes we saw that menu, and so far so good, but we are used in outlook to work mainly with categories and filter / group them like that:

any mail without an categorie will be shown at last.

In Smarter Webamail i can see all the mails when they have a categorie, but its hard to scroll and search all the time for them, also to use the filter, because sometimes i need to change quick to another one and then you need to do additional steps :-/

We wanna move complety away from  Microsoft Exchange and Outlook, that why we are testing now anything we need for daily work before we decide to move to another product. 

Thats why also comes up the question with the Chop - this option is totally missing in the Webmail:




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