How to add a new calendar - for a specific account holder
Question asked by Merle Wait - 9/2/2023 at 9:26 AM
Am a little embarrassed to ask this(because I have been using SM for 8 or more years)...  but:
How do you add an additional calendar at the account holder /user level
Currently mine looks like this:
I was going to add another calendar for myself... but I don't know how.
There is not a right click that works and/or a drop that says "add new calendar" .. although the documentation implies that there is

But where do you click or "ADD"  a new calendar that you may want to share???

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Ron Raley Replied
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It is a minor software bug.  At the bottom left corner, there is a folder icon.  Click New Folder, which will create you a new calendar.  Should be fixed.
Merle Wait Replied
Thank you.. saw the button...  didn't realize 

Thanks again. Appreciate it.
kevind Replied
@Merle, this is a common occurrence as our users don't see the folder icon at the bottom of the screen either.

Moving it to the top would make it more intuitive. Vote for that idea here:


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