New Folder - icon and dialog
Idea shared by kevind - 1/10/2023 at 7:45 PM
When creating a new folder in Contacts, Calendar, or Tasks, here are 2 issues:

1) Can't figure out how to create a folder because the icon is at the bottom of the screen. Suggest moving it up so that it's on the line right above all the folders (just below Grid View).

2) When you choose New Folder and the dialog pops up, it has a scroll bar in it, but it serves no purpose because everything fits in the window.

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Looks like item #2 above was fixed in the recent beta. Glad someone is reading these posts. 😁 

Item #1 above would really improve the user-friendliness. Move the Folder icon from bottom to where the X is as that's the logical place where someone would click to create a new folder.

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