Issue when replying a ticket (web page freezing)
Problem reported by Emanuele Tomasi - 8/8/2023 at 12:21 AM

I have an issue with one ticket (to 10 email addresses and 3 .cc email addresses), If I reply the page freeze and the system doesn't send the email, there is a limit for email addresses?

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Kyle Kerst Replied
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There is no limitation to the number of email addresses that I am aware of, or not one that would trigger with this few number of addresses. Can I have you try to open the Developer Tools>Console for that window before you hit reply to see if any errors are shown there? Thanks!
Kyle Kerst System/Network Administrator SmarterTools Inc. (877) 357-6278 www.smartertools.com
Emanuele Tomasi Replied
Hi Kyle,

the issue disappeared.

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