Installation Assistance

SmarterTools offers a variety of support tickets that customers can utilize for technical assistance. For more information on the support ticket options available and answers to common questions, please refer to the SmarterTools Support Policy.

Customers who purchase Enterprise Editions of any SmarterTools product also receive FREE installation and configuration assistance during our normal business hours. After hours installation support, and installation support for non-Enterprise products, can be purchased from the SmarterTools website.

Installation and Upgrade Support - BUY NOW

$349 per product 

NOTE: Responses for Installation Assistance will be handled during normal business hours. Only the actual installation/upgrade will take place outside of business hours, during your low-peak hours, so that any customer downtime is minimized.
A request for Installation Assistance is submitted to the Support Department at the time of purchase. Once received, a support agent will reply during business hours to schedule the day/time for the installation or upgrade to take place. 
Installation Assistance is geared towards those customers who do not feel comfortable installing the software themselves and would prefer the guidance of a professional SmarterTools support agent. A fully qualified support agent will spend approximately one hour to install your SmarterTools software, and, where applicable, set the product up in Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS). 
For customers who have purchased SmarterMail, our support agent will also assist you with the configuration of your initial domains, security settings, and the built-in antispam technologies.
If you have purchased SmarterStats, you will also receive assistance with the configuration and import of your initial site via FTP, UNC, or Remote Service.
In the case of SmarterTrack, the support agent will also assist you with configuration of your initial groups, departments, and agents, as well as establishing the connection to your database (SQL Server Express 2005).
NOTE: Installation Assistance does not cover setting up failover or load balancing for any products as these types of set up are generally very specific and customized based on customer needs. 
For more information please refer to the knowledge base articles: Requirements for Installation Assistance and What Installation Assistance Covers.