Client Side Chat API
Idea shared by Jeremy Wesley - 6/7/2023 at 7:48 AM
I'd like to suggest that SmarterTools add support for 3rd party client side Chat API.
Rest json API would be the only way anyone would use this. Soap XML interface would never get used.

Use case would be building a Chat App for mobile apps, that could interact with the chat API.
Add a Chat area to an existing app, so that users could quickly chat with support.

Or maybe you want to build your own chat client for your website and make it look completely different or maybe you want to pass in account info so that when a customer contacts support, agents already know who it is and what department they need to go to because of their account status.

There are a few other use cases but no need in talking about them until the chat api exist.

If you would like to see this added, Add a vote.
Lets get some support for this idea.  add a comment on how you would use this API if it existed.

Thanks for your support

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