SmarterTrack and jQuery Compatibility Issues

SmarterTrack uses jQuery, a JavaScript library, when embedding a live chat script onto a web page. jQuery is required so that chat messages can be pushed back-and-forth between the embedded chat window and SmarterTrack itself. Without jQuery, these chat messages wouldn't be able to move between the 2 clients. 

However, if the website the script is embedded on also uses jQuery, but it's a version older than 3.0, there may be compatibility issues which will affect both the live chat script and possibly the website's functionality. SmarterTrack uses jQuery 3.5.1 within the embed script itself, so if jQuery is NOT used by the site, it's not a problem. However, since jQuery is a very popular library it's used by a number of JavaScript frameworks, plug-ins and more. Not all of these use a version of jQuery that's 3.0 or higher. 

In order to prevent any potential issues, the jQuery version used on the site should be updated prior to using the live chat embed. If the site is using a version of jQuery that's higher than 3.5.1, that will work just fine and nothing needs to be done.

As a side note, if using Who's On only, and not live chat, nothing needs to be done.