What would you like to see in upcoming SM releases??
Idea shared by Brian Bjerring-Jensen - 6/5/2023 at 3:08 AM
If you see something you like elsewhere and it would improve Smartermail then pls. post away :)

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Where do I start? I start by saying that in my opinion SM is a great tool, but with a few more features it could become exceptional. Here are some suggestions:

I come back to propose this feature which I find very useful

With SM it is currently only possible to do
1) round robin
2) Choose a relay host for one or all domains always

On the other hand, a function like this could solve temporary non-reachability of a mail server.
Think about when a specific destination host for trivial reasons blocks you.

Rule-based email routing. (saved my life multiple times)
I give some examples:
if the destination domain is xxx.ext use the following gateway smtp.xxx.ext
If the recipient is dog@ccc.ext use smtp.xxx.ext


The SMTP Routing feature allows you to redirect messages based on the recipient address. Also, if your server's IP is blocked on a certain server, you can redirect emails to that destination using another SMTP server.

IP based monitoring.
Let me explain better, given a customer's IP, you can monitor it in real time, cross logfile.
Real example, the customer calls me and tells me that his emails are not being delivered.
Okay. what is your ip. Start monitoring in real time.
And I see the smtp session log, the delivery log, the antispam log, etc. scrolling on the screen.
Maybe being able to export in txt. Without having to jump from one log file to another


why not allow the user to trace his emails without necessarily having to open a ticket

So they can see if the email has been delivered (inbound or outbound) independently

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