Creating a Custom Message for Your Portal

The Portal is generally the first thing customers see when they go to your helpdesk. Therefore, customizing the home page to match your messaging and branding is crucial for an organization. On top of being able to change the default color scheme for your portal, or even using custom CSS to completely restyle the interface, it's also possible to add in a custom message that users see. This custom message can be anything: a general "Welcome" message, a list of upcoming features or product releases, a list of additional resources or contact information, pictures and even videos -- basically whatever you want.

To access the Custom Messages area, do the following:
  1. Log in to SmarterTrack as a System Administrator.
  2. Click on the Settings icon.
  3. Under the Manage header in the navigation pane, select Brands.
  4. Select the Brand you want to add the Custom Message to, then click the Edit button. (Alternatively you can double click on the Brand in the list.)
  5. Click on the Custom Messages tab.
  6. Here, you have two (2) main areas to edit:
    • Main Portal Announcement -- This is the main area of the Portal home page that appears between the top navigation icons (Home, Knowledge Base, News, etc.) and the Search the Portal area. There's a complete and powerful HTML editor that allows you to fully and completely customize the message area, adding in links, pictures, videos and more.
    • Additional Footer for Portal -- this will place a footer above the copyright area at the very bottom of the Portal's home page.
  7. Once you made any edits to one or both of these areas, be sure to hit the Save button to save all your work. 
Now, when you refresh the page, your new message and/or footer will be displayed on the Portal's home page. You can go back and adjust as needed. As mentioned, when combined with editing the various colors of the Portal and adding in custom CSS, you can fully brand and transform the Portal to match your overall messaging and branding: