Unable to delete email address in dropdown suggestions
Problem reported by TonyCzar - 5/17/2022 at 7:37 PM
Two screenshots provided. My question follows the second screenshot.

#1- When I create a new email message and type ‘Mike’ into the “To” field, the first suggestion in the dropdown is MCzarnik@protia.com. However, that is not a working address. I can delete it with the ‘X’, but unlike other platforms the next time I create a new email the same thing happens again.

#2- MCzarnik@protia.com does not exist in Mike Czarnik’s Contact entry.

Question:  How can I banish MCzarnik@protia.com from this platform?

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kevind Replied
Hi Tony,

Might be related to this issue about using Sent Items for Auto-complete.

You could try going through Sent Items and deleting all the messages with this particular address. Unfortunately this has been in discussion for nearly 6 years. It got fixed once, but then the fix was removed. :(
TonyCzar Replied
Thanks for the info.  I just tried again and "X-ing" out the suggested address stuck- the address isn't popping up agiain.  If that doesn't last, I'll try deleting any messages sent to that address.

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