exclude a file from the stats for a site
Question asked by Salam ELIAS - 1/3/2022 at 4:23 AM
Hi, Is there  away to exclude a file from the stats for a site.  I have a file robot.txt (for google stats) which I want to exclude. Where this can be done in the interface

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Andrea Free Replied
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Hello Salam,

There are two options for filtering what is shown in the reports: Filter Sets and Log Processing Rules. 

Filter sets allow you to view only the data you want to see in reports. Filter sets are created with a combination of website directories or single pages to limit the report data, allowing users to quickly flip between subsets of data when viewing reports. You can read more about these here: 

Log Processing Rules allow you to enter exclusions and inclusions that are processed before logs are analyzed, meaning that SmarterStats acts as if removed rows do not exist in the logs whereas filter sets simply hide the data from specific reports. You can read more about these here: 

The main difference you'll find between these features is that Filter Sets simply manipulate information that appears in a specific report. They do not affect any logs the way Log Processing Rules do. Therefore, they're a safe way to manipulate report data without editing or otherwise changing the raw logs or the SmarterLogs.

Andrea Free
SmarterTools Inc.


Salam ELIAS Replied
So many thanks

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