Imminent bug with Notes with Outlook (Tested it with 2019 and 2016) configured in MAPI with Build 7776 April 16, 2021.
Problem reported by FrankyBoy - 4/17/2021 at 8:12 AM

Build 7776

April 16, 2021

Imminent bug with Notes with Outlook configured in MAPI.

(Tested it with 2019 and 2016, not tested with 365).

Hello, first, sorry for my bad english.

For those who are in production with the MAPI protocol, I strongly advise you NOT to go into production right away and to test this new version. I believe I found an imminent bug with the Notes on Outlook configured in MAPI. I don't want to alarm you for nothing, I would like other volunteers to try to reproduce it. I will be opening a support ticket in a couple of minutes for the Smartertools team to investigate this possible bug.

If you want to test it out here is what I found:

1- Via webmail, create a note # 1
2- If you go to Outlook configured in MAPI, instead of seeing the note you will see html code.
3- Create a note # 2 from Outlook
4- The note is OK in Outlook and if you go to webmail the note is OK, except that if your page is already open on notes in webmail (in cardview mode), you will see the duplicate note in webmail. If you do a refresh in your browser, the duplicate note comes back simple.

The worst is yet to come.

5- Delete the MAPI account from Outlook
6- Delete the connectivity profile on Smartermail
7- Reconfigure the account in Outlook (always in MAPI).
6- Once the account is synchronized again, ALL the notes (even those created before the last update made by Outlook or the webmail) which are retrieved from the server are now unreadable in Outlook (html code instead of the note). In the webmail, all these notes are OK.

I don't know if this is because our Outlook are configured in French, which is why I would like those who use an English version or other language to make this test.

I prefer to warn you, because if this really happens on your end, it means that as soon as a client will reconfigure an existing account in MAPI, all of their existing notes will become unreadable in Outlook.

Please give us the results here!

Thank you!

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Michael Replied
Good catch. I've seen issues with contact notes over the last 3 builds. We don't use Notes feature much... but I wonder if contact notes and notes tool both have a similar relationship? 
CTL Replied
Is there any other issue noticed other than the notes issue?    A bit nervous about using build 7776 my production environment
Support Team provide an intermediate patch for my production environment

Michael Replied
I've also seen issue where mail sent over MAPI in Outlook gets orphaned. Messages do not show in Outlook sent or SM webmail sent folders. They're just MIA. 
J Lee Replied
I'm having an issue where MAPI attachments are lost when sending locally to someone in that mapi domain, but this is in build 7751, I was hoping this would be fixed in 7776.

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Kyle Kerst Replied
Employee Post
Just a quick update on this thread. I was able to reproduce these notes issues and it is with our development team at this time. In the meantime, please allow me to clarify that this does not appear to actually affect the note's contents, only its display in Outlook. Users should be advised to leverage webmail temporarily for any critical note needs while we get to the bottom of it here. Thanks for the issue report!
Kyle Kerst
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