Microsoft's Remote Connectivity Analyzer and MAPI

In order to test whether a SmarterMail account that is set up for MAPI will actually work, many customers will use the Outlook Connectivity test available on the Microsoft Remote Connectivity Analyzer page. That's because they're used to using it with Exchange accounts, or they look for a way to test their accounts, and that page will generally come up at the top of search results. This is not a bad idea as it can tell you whether there are issues -- such as SSL issues -- that can affect your ability to connect your SmarterMail account to Outlook. However, there is a very real chance that the test will fail. 

This is expected. 

The reason it will fail is because SmarterMail's implementation of MAPI doesn't return the "EXCH type" in its response. SmarterMail uses MAPI over HTTP, NOT RPC over HTTP, and "EXCH type" isn't part of MAPI over HTTP. Additionally, the Microsoft tool doesn't test receipt of MAPI over HTTP calls for autodiscover -- at least not yet.   

Below is an example of a perfectly fine response when using the Outlook Connectivity test. If you use this tool, and your response looks the same -- granted, several replies were minimized due to the length of the page -- then you'll not have any issues connecting your SmarterMail account to Outlook 2016 or Outlook 2019 when using MAPI. If you see any other errors, we have a couple of relevant KBs that may help. Those are listed under the image.

Again, this is a perfectly acceptable response. If you see other errors, take a look at the KBs below as they may help get your issues resolved. If you see other errors, you will want to post in our Community or contact Technical Support.