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Idea shared by Nicholas Brosnan - 4/1/2021 at 10:00 AM
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Hello everyone, I tried searching this on my own but couldn't find a solution. We are looking to enable MFA for our SmarterTrack Ticket System. How do we go about enabling this? 

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Hi Nicholas. You may want to ping this thread...

Someone pinged it just last month, but no one chimed in.
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Thank you Linda, I see that thread is 3 years old. Thought I'd make a new one to see if there has been any traction since then.
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Hello Nicholas,

I went ahead and created a ticket on this post to get it submitted as a feature request.
Microsoft has announced that they are resuming plans to disable basic authentication (POP, IMAP, etc.) on all O365 hosted tenants by October 2022.  It appears as though at that point, this becomes more of a "requirement to do business" than a feature request.
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Hello AnonymousButNotReally! This post looks to be referencing Multi-Factor Authentication for SmarterTrack, rather than the inclusion of OAUTH or similar modern authentication methods. Can you post this on a new post so we can try to get some feedback out to you?
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