Copy/pasted images in Froala editor (Mail body, signature, etc) and GMail
Problem reported by Sébastien Riccio - 1/20/2021 at 7:35 AM

When our customers paste an image in their e-mail (or in their signature) it is converted as 

<img data-fr-image-pasted=3D"true" src=3D"data:image/png=
While this seems to work when the mails are received in different mail clients (at least emClient, Outlook), it seems that the images are not displayed in GMail.

On another hand, on GMail our customers receive other mails with inline images that are displaying correctly.

Anyone else has experienced this issue. Personally I was able to replicate it. Now I don't know how it could be fixed. Should something be done SmarterMail side or GMail side ? huh 

EDIT: I did a quick test to add an image to my Outlook and my eMClient signature (pasting the image like I do in SmarterMail) and then send a mail from both clients to a GMail address. They display correctly in GMail. Only the inline images sent from SmarterMail doesn't display :/

Result in eMClient:

Result in GMail:

Sébastien Riccio
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Sébastien Riccio Replied
The difference between SmarterMail's webmail and the other mail clients about inserting inline images is that SmarterMail includes the base64 content in the img tag (doesn't work on gmail). The other mail clients use attachments and reference the cid in the img tag (works everywhere)

<img src=3D"cid:em9dac1=
900-2e6b-4130-b3c9-b7d9154abb73@hal9000" border=3D"0" />
Content-Type: image/png; name=1slfkkzu.png
Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64
Content-Disposition: inline
Content-Id: <em9dac1900-2e6b-4130-b3c9-b7d9154abb73@hal9000>

Is that maybe a configurable setting in Froala editor to use one or the other method  when composing the mail content ?

It would be very nice they switch to the method supported everywhere...

EDIT: Also an article about base64 images inclusion. It says it's better store the images somewhere and reference them with a link, because of massive slowdowns (I experienced it when playing with signatures containing images in SmarterMail)

I think that's what gmail is doing when you include images in a signature or a mail.
Sébastien Riccio System & Network Admin https://swisscenter.com
Sébastien Riccio Replied
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Hello hello,

I'm dropping a note here to confirm that this issue is resolved in build 7699 as per:

  • Fixed: When sending messages from webmail, inline images in signatures don't show in Gmail.
I test it again and all seems fine now. Thanks a lot for the great work on this, customers will be happy.

Kind regards.
Sébastien Riccio System & Network Admin https://swisscenter.com

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