Inserting an Image or Video to KBs and News Items

SmarterTrack's full-featured HTML editor allows KB and News creators to enhance their articles with custom images and videos. Adding media to your articles is a great way to further educate your customers and possibly cut down on support emails, phone calls and live chats. Videos, especially, can be very beneficial when demonstrating how something should be done.
Inserting either images or videos is extremely easy, and is managed via the Insert Image and/or Insert Video tools in the HTML editor.

Adding Images
When using the Insert Image tool, there are 2 ways to add an image to an article:
  1. Upload Image - Using Upload Image, the image is actually uploaded to SmarterTrack and inserted wherever you want the image to go. 
  2. By URL - When using By URL, you can link to an image that's hosted elsewhere: from your website, from an image hosting service, etc. The image isn't uploaded to SmarterTrack but it's still inserted wherever you want the image to go. You simply type or paste the full URL to the image.
Regardless of how you insert the image, you can edit it by resizing, etc. as needed. The SmarterTrack editor even gives you some tools to use to edit the image after it's been added. 

Adding Video
When using the Insert Video tool, you also have 2 different ways to add video to an article:
  1. By URL - Just like with images, using By URL means you can link to a video that's hosted elsewhere: from your website, from sites like YouTube or Vimeo, etc. You simply select By URL and paste or type the full URL to the video.
  2. Embed Code - Some video hosting services, such as YouTube, offer embed code that you can use to display a video on an external site. The service provides you with this code -- you simply need to copy it and paste it as needed.
What If I Don't See the Tools?
If you don't see the Insert Image or Insert Video tools, you simply need to expand the tools visible in the editor using the Show More button. Clicking that expands the editor so that all tools are visible to you.
Regardless of how you add images and/or videos, using both media types can really enhance your public-facing articles by making them more informative, more enjoyable and an overall better experience for your users.